Erica Land Photography

I am an awarding winning and internationally published  senior high school portrait photographer and I believe in capturing your authentic personality and showcasing who you are at this moment in time. I want you to stand out with your senior photos, and to create images you will fall in love with. Every senior deserves to have a unique photographic experience that builds your self confidence and empowers as you enter your next phase in life. It is my promise to do this with my "senior experience" sessions by creating images that showcase who you are at this time special time in your life. I am NOT like school photographers, in that I only offer customized photo shoots at unique locations, professional albums, unique wall art and images that will last a lifetime. While I am limited for the time being (because of Covid-19 ) in the manner I can take photos today, I am offering to take one simple professional photo of you for this yard sign at a reduced price because my heart goes out to all 2020 seniors right now, especially my son Jake, shown below. Despite your senior year being cut short, THIS IS STILL YOUR YEAR! Once the Stay At Home Order is lifted, I will be able to offer customized sessions. And no, it will never be too late!